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My New Exercise Routine

Growing up, I never made exercise a habit. I hated doing it, and it felt like death to me. 😨 Flash forward a few years, and now I am really wishing it was a habit back then, because then it would be easier for me to want to go to the gym. But, I just discovered Planet Fitness and I will never go back to another gym! They are super affordable, a no judgement zone, and they have workout plans for people of all fitness levels! I haven’t worked out in so long, so a few pieces of advice I have picked up along the way.

Start small. Going for a walk or a short run is better than doing nothing at all, or lifting some weights or whatever it may be for you, just get out there and do something to improve your health and wellness. Trust me, you will be glad that you did!

Accountability is key. Find a good workout buddy who can keep you accountable, and push you when you need to be pushed.

If you do, do weights, start easy, and as your strength grows increase the weight. Personally, I use machines for weights, at least until I can lift free weights without hurting myself! 😂 Do 3 reps of 10, and if you go with a buddy rotate, so that there is break between reps. It’s not overwhelming, but you better believe that by that last repetition, you will be struggling, but that’s how you know you are working your muscles.

Find a time of the day that works best for you, and try to keep it consistent so that you can get into a routine of going daily. r me, it works best for me to do my workout first thing in the morning, because it allows me to wake up and start my day right, and then I actually think about what foods I am putting into my body.


I don’t know about you, but always having cute and comfy activewear is motivation enough for me. I love Old Navy Active and Zella from Nordstrom for good quality workout clothing.

And, don’t let your lack of confidence hold you back. You can do this! 💪 It might not always be pretty or you might not get the results you want right away, but if you consistently work at it, you will begin to see results, and ultimately you will know that you are taking care of your body and on your way to having a healthier lifestyle.



I would love to hear from you, what struggles are you having with working out and how are YOU working today to overcome those struggles?

Neutrals & Neon



For years and years, I have struggled with my weight, my health, and working out. I will be honest about some things, I am not disciplined in my eating or exercising. I never was really into sports growing up, and I have just always hated working out. And, I love cheese, ice cream, and basically anything gummy or sweet. And, for years, I have just eaten whatever I wanted whenever I want to, and it has really caught up to me.



So, today I am sharing some steps that I have taken over the years that has helped me begin to get some self-control in these things.


  1. Like I said, I just eat and eat, and overeat, and sometimes even stress eat, but it’s hard to eat healthy, when all of the junk food is easily accessible. But, one thing that has helped me is having fruit that needs to be cut or peeled ready to go, so it is easy to grab and go. One of my favorite foods is apple and peanut butter, and almond butter is a nice alternative too. It also helps to have veggies cut up, and add a little bit of sauce, like ranch or something, but not too much. Carrots and ranch are good, or cucumbers or peppers.
  2. One of the hardest diet plans for me, but the most rewarding diet plan was Whole 30. My family did Whole 30 last summer, and while it was difficult, and I got the worst headaches from withdrawing from dairy, gluten, and sugar. It was so worth it. If you don’t know what Whole 30 is, it is basically a 30 day diet that eliminates gluten, dairy, and sugar and focuses on clean eating.
  3. Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Program was another program that helped me, while I was on it. It is a 12 week program of 7 exercises! To be honest, when I first started, I couldn’t do half the exercises, and I had to (whats the word) them. But, as I continued on in the program, I felt so good, and I was kind of always waiting for my time to workout, even if I didn’t always enjoy or feel like doing it.
  4. Another workout program that I recently started getting into was the couch to 5K program. If you are interested in checking out, just download the couch to 5K app and go!


*If the actually item I bought was sold out or old, I linked a similar one below.

Gray Tank: Old Navy (old) Tank
Black Gym Shorts: Old Navy (old) Shorts
Nike Sneakers: Rack Room Shoes (old) Sneakers