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Finding Satisfaction in Singleness

I want to use this blog to share my personal thoughts, feelings, and emotions. I am choosing to share these things as hard as it may be, to be open and vulnerable, because I am sure that I am not the only one struggling with these thoughts and feelings.

The two things that I have wanted more in life than anything else, are to be a wife and a mom someday. Like every little girl, I would daydream about one day dating, getting married, and spending a lifetime together with my prince charming. I would plan out my perfect wedding day in my seven or eight year old brain.

As I have grown up, I have watched countless movies and tv shows that broadcast love, in so many different lights. Every movie talks about “true love” and every time I am done watching these films, I find myself wondering when I will meet the love of my life.

But, those movies and tv shows are filled with a fake love. A conditional love that isn’t real, it is just a fairytale love. But, there is an unconditional love, and it is only found in the person of Jesus Christ.

I know that many of you reading this, probably aren’t believers, but I refuse to shy away from the Truth of what I believe for fear of what others may think or believe. I am a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ, and I am not ashamed to proclaim such a thing. Without the Lord, I would not be where I am today, He is my everything, and without Him, I am nothing.

As I am a year away from being two decades old, and being a young adult, I can’t help but think about the possibility of dating in the near future. It is the time in life where people start to date, continue dating, and when many will most likely get married.

For years and years, I have struggled with singleness and feeling all alone. For years, I have had crush after crush and imagined what life would be like one day when I am married. But, as time goes on and more and more friends start dating, here I remain single. In the past, this would have left me, lonely and sad, and even at times, it still does. But, the Lord has been changing my attitude and perspective when it comes to this situation. I wanted to share with you all, so that if you are struggling with singleness, you know that you are not alone, and the Lord can change your attitude, just like He did mine.

God has changed my perspective into seeing that, I am not alone. He is with me, and I just need to trust that He has this area in the palms of His hands. And, He is the one writing my story, and He has the perfect guy out there for me; I just need to trust in Him and in His timing. In the meantime, I have a Heavenly Father who loves me more than anything, and He is and should be my one True Love. And, rather than choosing to spend my days wondering about when I will meet the one, I will spend my time obsessing over my Lord and Savior, and spending every waking moment thinking about and talking to Him.

Also, as selfish as this may sound, I need to focus on me. I need to take care of my health and needs. Before, I can even think about attempting to care for the needs of another. Dating and marriage is all about selfless love, and putting someone else’s needs before your own. And, I need to make sure that I have my priorities straight, and that I am caring for my health. And, that I am filling my mind with the Truths of God’s Word.

But, in the midst of singleness, I believe that God still can and will use me. I am beginning to learn that singleness is a gift, and that I can use this gift, and this extra time to serve others. I can use this extra time I have to pour myself into the lives of loved ones, who may be struggling with difficult circumstances or facing some kind of disappointment. I can use this time to pray for others I know that are single and are longing to find someone as well. I can use this time to pour my heart into the Word of God and let Him refine and perfect me, and mold me to be more like Jesus Christ. I can use this time to see the needs that people have and meet them. So, just know this that whether you are single or married or wherever you are at in life, God will use you!

If you can relate to this post, were encouraged or challenged by this, or simply just have a prayer request or a comment, feel free to comment below, or reach out to me at hello@julesofsunshine.com